Washington Realty Group is knowledgeable in all the major U.S. markets, as it represents a significant number of national law firms, serving as their exclusive tenant representative/advocate and as their exclusive national real estate specialist. Our law firm division, headed by WRG’s Chairman, Eric C. Berson, a lawyer himself, focuses EXCLUSIVELY on law firms, with the Chairman and his team devoting 100% of their time to law firm representation and an ongoing study of national and international law firm activity.

Washington Realty Group can provide a wide range of real estate and strategic services to law firms including, but not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning for Real Estate and Firm Growth
  • Strategic Planning and Analysis of Merger Opportunities
  • Attorney Population Projections
  • Tenant/Buyer Representation
  • Lease Renewals, Expansions, Contractions, Terminations
  • Market and Financial Analysis

Contact Us for More Information on how we can assist your law firm in your next commercial real estate transaction specifically and on your overall law firm strategic planning in general.

Our commercial division, headed by WRG’s President, Michael Grogan is completely broad-based in its representation of corporate America, including among many wide-ranging areas, defense contractors, financial institutions, associations, insurance companies, mortgage companies, technology companies, and telecommunication companies. Washington Realty Group represents these tenants locally, nationally and internationally in these and other areas:

  • Negotiating new leases, lease renewals, space and rental reductions, lease terminations and client relocations
  • Identifying lease and build-to-suit opportunities meeting client specifications
  • Negotiating business relocation incentives and subsidies from state, county and local development offices
  • Coordinating lease audits to verify accuracy of pass-through expense charges

Contact Us for More Information on how we can assist your company in your next commercial real estate transaction specifically and for strategic planning in general.


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